100 Million € - Navigating Leadership Turbulence: 5 Key Steps to Overcome Team Challenges

100 Million.

I was shocked.

But I know I could do it.

When I heard that the 100-million B2B sales leadership team wasn’t doing well, I started to do some interviews.

I was shocked to hear they had profoundly different perspectives on what was happening.

Everyone was describing the case.

People's views were very contradictory.

Still, every perspective I heard made perfect sense.

Funny, isn’t it?

No one spoke up and told what was really going on.

No one addressed the 🐘 in the room.

Could we do the shift?

We started the two-day workshop.

Everyone seemed to be friendly with each other.

We did a crucial deep dive into their current state.

Everyone seemed to be friendly with each other.

We did a crucial deep dive into their future setup.

Everyone still seemed to be friendly with each other.

And in my heart I knew we had to tap into the issue’s core.

This would not get going by pretending we are nice to each other.

So what to do?

I did what I had to do.

I said:

"I don't believe your stories. Everyone is just being nice to each other. But you are not honest with yourselves. This is boring. I don't feel you."

Sure, it was uncomfortable.

Sure, I was starting to sweat.

But I cannot do powerful work

when I do not address what's going on.

So we slid deeper into the dynamics.

After 2 hours, it was clear.

Some team members were legally „adjusting“ their numbers.

To get good scoring.

Even though the result was not a sales success.

It got loud.

People were leaving the room.

Tears were dropping to the floor:

→ overwhelm
→ frustration
→ confusion
→ burnout
→ anger

All the stuff that happens in leadership teams everywhere.

It bubbled up.

It was time to be addressed.

They explored what was going on:

→ self-protection
→ know-it-all attitude
→ fear of losing traction
→ competitive aggression

Empowerment happens through real work on fundamental topics.

You can't just ignore it.

You can’t just make it up.

Without trust, a team is lost.

They decided not to work further on this.

They didn’t spend more budget on team development.

They thought they could figure it out.

By just moving forward.

Sad but true.

In many leadership teams.


Let's have meaningful conversations.

Let's do the honest work.

Let's make it happen.

Let’s be courageous.

Let’s meet reality.

PS: What strategies foster trust in your team?

How do you confront the 'elephants'?

Transformative Power of Action: How to Achieve Meaningful Results

Do it! Do it! Do it!

Action = Result

If you want to move the needle-

you have to take action.

This action is not just:

→ random movement
→ fuzzy expression
→ hectic waste of time

But the intentional practice of creating traction.

There is much talk about ‚being‘ versus ‚doing‘ in mindfulness.

The absolute mastery lies in synthesizing both into a coherent whole.

Equalizing helps to experience a powerful and fulfilling life.

The key is to make meaningful progress.

Towards growth.

As you commit to your power,

As you commit to meaningful action;

You gain impact that satisfies and fulfills you.

Meaningful action is intentional:

→ you choose
→ you commit
→ you shift
→ you act

And repeat.

You move the needle, and you make things happen.

Consider this:

Meaningful action is a pebble tossed into a still pond.

The moment it touches the surface, it creates ripples.

Waves of impact that extend far beyond the initial splash.

Your action:

→ set forth ripples
→ touch the lives of others
→ influence your surroundings
→ shape your future

What are you going to do today?

Let’s make it happen!

Embracing Resistance: Transforming Challenges into Catalysts for Growth

I don’t want to change!

And so don’t you.

Why do we see change as the enemy?

Sure, I get it:

Everyone is talking about change.

Everyone is firing up some change motivation hacks.

But this is different from how the human psyche works.

I know that from thousands of hours coaching clients.

I know that from thousands of hours of therapy with clients.

There is something within us that says:


And it has lots of power about us.

Have you ever felt this „NO!“?

It’s using what works best:




And it builds up resistance.

Resistance can come in many different forms:

→ denial
→ fatigue
→ burnout
→ boredom
→ plateauing
→ stagnation

It’s important to acknowledge that.

Because it is not against us but for us.

So, how do we turn our natural resistance into our greatest ally?

Here’s the thing:

Resistance to change is the training for greatness.

Without resistance - no muscles can be built.

We need resistance to grow beyond it.

Play with it.


Use it as your driver to change.

Ask yourself:

What do I resist?

Then listen.

See how that works in your life.

Yes, No, or Maybe: Navigating Life's Choices for Success and Balance

Yes! No! Yes! No!

Which rules you: YES or NO?

Both are great, but which is better?

The choice is powerful.

And it can be limiting.

Let's choose wisely.


→ Overcoming Adversity → Resilient to challenges
→ Building Alliances → Forming new relationships
→ Embracing Opportunity → Open to adventures
→ Leading Innovation → Pioneering new ideas
→ Personal Growth → Overcoming limitations


→ Focus and Dedication → Prioritising key goals
→ Moral Integrity → Upholding ethical principles
→ Catalyst for Change → Room for new approaches
→ Establishing Boundaries → Prioritising self-respect
→ Strategic Decision Making → Wise, judicious decisions

Are you a YES! or a NO! person?

PS: Or just a MAYBE???

Trust: The Ultimate Growth Catalyst

Life's tough. That's a given.

But embracing trust? That's a choice.

I choose trust.

A journey 20 years in the making.

Trust in life.

In myself.

In the innate goodness we all possess.

This journey isn't about blind faith.

It's about recognizing the power within us.

→ The power of forgiveness.
→ The power of change.
→ The power of the untapped potential of our minds.

And yes, it's about embracing the challenges.

The struggles.

The hard lessons life throws our way.

Strange, isn't it?

Finding comfort in hardship.

But there's a certain rightness in facing these battles head-on.

It's in these moments that growth happens.

True, unbridled growth.

Every day is a lesson.

Be it under the sun or amidst the rain.

Life. With all its ups and downs, I've learned to love it.

Most of the time, anyway 😅

What's your part in life's journey that, despite the hardships, you've grown to love?