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Trying to create a powerful vision for your future that not only sounds cool, but motivates you to be at the top of your game and solve boredom and fatigue?

Trying to empower yourself and accelerate your personal and professional outcome and resolve confusion and drift?

Trying to ditch the nonsense, shatter emotional and psychological confines, and unlock your creative potential for elevated impact?

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Unlock! - Your Future Identity /

Are You Ready to Lead Your Future? Then Your Journey Starts Here...

01 - Unlock! Your Visioneering Gateway

In a three session visioneering journey, I help you explore and design a powerful vision for your future that not only sounds cool, but motivates you to be at the top of your game and solve boredom, drift and fatigue.

Gaining a clear focus begins with a thorough assessment of your current state, followed by exploration and connection to your vision—our visioneering process.

Together we will define a new guiding North Star and design an empowering vision to shape your future and kickstart your fire to commit.

To turn your vision into reality, you will receive a personalized ‘Future Visioneering Blueprint’. It includes the cornerstones, a strategic roadmap, and actionable steps, ensuring clarity, direction, and the traction you need for tangible progress.

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02 - Unlock! Your Future Identity Design

In a 6 month journey, I will support and guide you in a unique, tailor-made process to make your vision a reality.

Building on the “Future Vision Gateway” we know where we want to go. But it’s clear that you need to make a profound transformation to access new levels of mental and emotional clarity, impact and traction.

Together, we’ll uncover and activate your hidden potential and release the energy and power you need to embody and express your next level.

Blockages, confusion and inner resistance are transformed into heightened awareness, allowing you to make decisions and take the bold steps necessary to become who you know you can be.

You upgrade your operating system, becoming more centred, dynamic, effective and influential. You begin to create your new future.

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" Sven possesses a rare and powerful clarity that cuts through the noise. He doesn't just see - he gets to the heart of your vision, your potential and your obstacles like no one else can.

At a pivotal moment during my entrepreneurial journey, Sven helped me unearth my unique impact and align my offerings with precision. I wholeheartedly recommend him for a journey that transcends boundaries and unlocks the true essence of your potential. "

— Irina Naithani / Founder & CEO / Werise – The Collective Growth Agency

01 Unlock! Visioneering - What you get?

a high level overview of your position in life and business

define a clear north star that is empowering and meaningful

become aware and aligned on your life and business themes

you crush denial and hesitation

explore sabotaging blindspots and remove mental & emotional blockages

get a clear strategy blueprint and milestone roadmap

you know your ToDo's and your NeverDoItAgains

you break through noise and move obstacles

Courage: make empowered decisions

Direction: know where you are, who you are and what's next

Declutter: drop BS

Creative Spark: tap into your Genius Zone and use your unique ability

Action: know what to do and why you do it

01 - Unlock! Your Visioneering Gateway - Vision Coaching & Custom Blueprint to Build Your Great Future

The proven Unlock! Visioneering process has been pivotal in guiding pioneering leaders to develop a resonant vision, overcoming mental and emotional blockages, and achieving clarity and empowerment.


02 - Unlock! Future Identity Design - What you get?

a profound transformational journey that makes it easy for you to thrive

a safe and empowering space that allows real growth

personalized guidance and support to maximize your unique talents

more than a decade of experience and wisdom in self transformation

new possibilities in thinking, feeling and action

empowering challenges and positive cheering up

fostering a clear self-awareness and inner alignment

you spot and reduce self-defeating behaviors and indifference

Traction: be powerful and take right action for successful results

Clarity: no noise, no BS, no fear, no frustration

Self-Awareness: be guided by your true heartbeat

Integrity: think, feel, act in coherence

Fullfilment: enjoy yourself and create

Peace of Mind: be strong and serene

Excellence: become your ultimate

02 - Unlock! Your Future Identity Design - Enjoy New Ways of Being Alive and Having Impact

For over a decade, this tailored six-month process has been pivotal in guiding pioneering leaders to align and advance their personal and professional identities, fostering profound changes in life and business.


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