Embracing Resistance: Transforming Challenges into Catalysts for Growth

I don’t want to change!

And so don’t you.

Why do we see change as the enemy?

Sure, I get it:

Everyone is talking about change.

Everyone is firing up some change motivation hacks.

But this is different from how the human psyche works.

I know that from thousands of hours coaching clients.

I know that from thousands of hours of therapy with clients.

There is something within us that says:


And it has lots of power about us.

Have you ever felt this „NO!“?

It’s using what works best:




And it builds up resistance.

Resistance can come in many different forms:

→ denial
→ fatigue
→ burnout
→ boredom
→ plateauing
→ stagnation

It’s important to acknowledge that.

Because it is not against us but for us.

So, how do we turn our natural resistance into our greatest ally?

Here’s the thing:

Resistance to change is the training for greatness.

Without resistance – no muscles can be built.

We need resistance to grow beyond it.

Play with it.


Use it as your driver to change.

Ask yourself:

What do I resist?

Then listen.

See how that works in your life.