100 Million € - Navigating Leadership Turbulence: 5 Key Steps to Overcome Team Challenges

100 Million.

I was shocked.

But I know I could do it.

When I heard that the 100-million B2B sales leadership team wasn’t doing well, I started to do some interviews.

I was shocked to hear they had profoundly different perspectives on what was happening.

Everyone was describing the case.

People's views were very contradictory.

Still, every perspective I heard made perfect sense.

Funny, isn’t it?

No one spoke up and told what was really going on.

No one addressed the 🐘 in the room.

Could we do the shift?

We started the two-day workshop.

Everyone seemed to be friendly with each other.

We did a crucial deep dive into their current state.

Everyone seemed to be friendly with each other.

We did a crucial deep dive into their future setup.

Everyone still seemed to be friendly with each other.

And in my heart I knew we had to tap into the issue’s core.

This would not get going by pretending we are nice to each other.

So what to do?

I did what I had to do.

I said:

"I don't believe your stories. Everyone is just being nice to each other. But you are not honest with yourselves. This is boring. I don't feel you."

Sure, it was uncomfortable.

Sure, I was starting to sweat.

But I cannot do powerful work

when I do not address what's going on.

So we slid deeper into the dynamics.

After 2 hours, it was clear.

Some team members were legally β€žadjustingβ€œ their numbers.

To get good scoring.

Even though the result was not a sales success.

It got loud.

People were leaving the room.

Tears were dropping to the floor:

β†’ overwhelm
β†’ frustration
β†’ confusion
β†’ burnout
β†’ anger

All the stuff that happens in leadership teams everywhere.

It bubbled up.

It was time to be addressed.

They explored what was going on:

β†’ self-protection
β†’ know-it-all attitude
β†’ fear of losing traction
β†’ competitive aggression

Empowerment happens through real work on fundamental topics.

You can't just ignore it.

You can’t just make it up.

Without trust, a team is lost.

They decided not to work further on this.

They didn’t spend more budget on team development.

They thought they could figure it out.

By just moving forward.

Sad but true.

In many leadership teams.


Let's have meaningful conversations.

Let's do the honest work.

Let's make it happen.

Let’s be courageous.

Let’s meet reality.

PS: What strategies foster trust in your team?

How do you confront the 'elephants'?

Unlock Your Hidden Superpower: The Transformative Power of Focus

Are You Ignoring Your Greatest Asset?

Use this Super-Power - Most People Never Will

It begins with changing your focus.....

And then your life changes.

Have you ever considered how powerful your focus really is?

Your focus is the most powerful asset you have.

Without focus:

β†’ we drift
β†’ we diffuse
β†’ we stumble

With focus:

β†’ you create intentionally
β†’ you empower yourself
β†’ you decide
β†’ you design

Choose wisely what to focus on.

Consider the visionary leaders who inspire us:

They harnessed their focus to transform challenges into opportunities.

They are shaping the future of the world.

Energy flows where attention goes.

That’s where you create.


Be easy.

It's not possible to have focus in every moment.

Sometimes we even focus on things we don’t even want to focus on.

That's OK.

It's a dance.

It's a game.

Let’s play.

Focus is our secret superpower.

What's one area you're choosing to focus on today?

Share your focus with us.

Let's explore together how it can lead to groundbreaking changes.

In both our personal lives and our professional endeavors.

Revolutionize Your World: The Transformative Power of Identity Design

This single idea could change your life.

Your identity is everything.

Most people believe they are in control of their lives.

But in reality, their identities control them.

It is the software that shapes your reality.

Your identity defines:

β†’ Who you are
β†’ What you like
β†’ What you feel
β†’ How you cope
β†’ What is possible
β†’ What is impossible
β†’ What you strive for
β†’ How you take action

and much more.

It is the essence at the core of your life.

So whenever you feel you need an update,

whenever you feel like getting creative-

Think about Identity Design.

Identity Design allows for:

β†’ Conscious character refinement
β†’ Full-on professional innovation
β†’ Incredible life transformation
β†’ New horizons - everywhere
β†’ Deep healing & integration

and this is just the beginning.

So play with your Identity.




And change your reality fast.

This is real and it is a game.

A game to create win-wins.

What’s the win you like to create?

Unlock Your Potential: How to Overcome Energy Drain and Embrace a Thriving Mindset


Energy Drain?

Stop this silly habit and see what happens

From wasting to thriving:

Some truths are very simple.

This one is simple and powerful.

To shift from wasting your energy;

You just need to break one habit.

Here is how:

Self-defeating thoughts and actions are energy suckers.

They have terrible effects on:

β†’ confidence
β†’ motivation
β†’ creativity
β†’ trust
β†’ flow

01: Crush self-defeat

- Catch yourself talking negative about you
- directly express a mild gesture to yourself
- don’t judge what is happening

02: Connect with yourself

Self-defeating habits are the result of lacking self-connection.

To stop self-defeating habits connect with yourself.

- block high-quality time with yourself
- practice self-care and self-respect
- learn to talk kindly with yourself

03: Refresh your identity

Every mastery takes time and effort.

Putting energy into mastery multiplies.

Putting energy into self-defeat drains.

Let’s put energy into mastery.

- learn to be disciplined and gentle
- get in touch with your heart
- fuel yourself through self-compassion

"Never violate the sacredness of your individual self-respect." – Theodore Parker

In short:

β†’ Crush self-defeat.
β†’ Connect with yourself.
β†’ Design your identity consciously.



Yes, No, or Maybe: Navigating Life's Choices for Success and Balance

Yes! No! Yes! No!

Which rules you: YES or NO?

Both are great, but which is better?

The choice is powerful.

And it can be limiting.

Let's choose wisely.


β†’ Overcoming Adversity β†’ Resilient to challenges
β†’ Building Alliances β†’ Forming new relationships
β†’ Embracing Opportunity β†’ Open to adventures
β†’ Leading Innovation β†’ Pioneering new ideas
β†’ Personal Growth β†’ Overcoming limitations


β†’ Focus and Dedication β†’ Prioritising key goals
β†’ Moral Integrity β†’ Upholding ethical principles
β†’ Catalyst for Change β†’ Room for new approaches
β†’ Establishing Boundaries β†’ Prioritising self-respect
β†’ Strategic Decision Making β†’ Wise, judicious decisions

Are you a YES! or a NO! person?

PS: Or just a MAYBE???

design. create. become.

Can you really do it?

There is a lot to gain and it is all up to you!

Have you ever realised that you are constantly designing your life?

β†’ Every action.
β†’ Every feeling.
β†’ Every thought.
β†’ Every inaction.

Every moment of your life…

You are designing your experiences!

You create your reality.

This is such a powerful realisation that it almost hurts.

This is πŸ”₯!!!

It gives:

β†’Β  so much responsibility
β†’Β  so much excitement.
β†’Β  so much gratitude.
β†’ so much to learn.
β†’ so much power.

It can be even frightening.

You design. You create. You become.

Every moment matters!

Understand this, act accordingly and experience a burst of creative energy.

I am following this path.

What will your next creation be?