In addition to our connection, a precise setup of expertise, methods and practice is required. Here you can find information about my life path, my education and professional areas of work.


Why me?

Integral Organizational Developer | IMU Germany

Integral Facilitator® | Ten Directions Canada

Integral Coach | Integral Coaching Canada

Transpersonal Regression Therapist | Tasso International Netherlands

High Performance Academy | Brendon Burchard USA

Wisdom Teaching and Spiritual Psychology | Gunda Scholdt Germany

Jungian Depth Psychology | Frith Luton Australia

Astrology Foundation | Faculty of Astrological Studies UK

StimmEnergetics Fundamentals | Katharina Felice Germany

School of Life / School of Enlightenment | Shai Tubali Germany

Inner Child Work | Trisha Caetano USA

Shamanic Minds Columbia | Kajuyali Tsamani, Luis Flores

Licensed Psychological Healing Practitioner | Public Health Department

Clinical Hypnotherapy, Milton Erickson | Harald Krutiak DGH Germany

Hypnosis and Techniques | Thermedius Institut, Germany, Omni Hypnosis USA


Integral Consciousness and Future Leadership

Authentic Presence – Self, Wisdom, Intuition


Evolution of Humanity & Next-Level Thinking

Mindfulness and the Intelligence of Now

Digital Evolution

Transpersonal Psychology

Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, Intuition

Traumatherapy & Hypnotherapy

Resilience & Self-Empowerment

Potentials, High-Performance and Creativity

High Sensitivity, Giftedness