Raya Papp – Founding Partner SAGANA

"I was opening to so many more aspects of consciousness than I was previously aware of."

My intention for the mentoring process was to take my level of self and business leading to a whole new level – beyond the obvious and traditional executive coaching. I knew there was a lot more than what was on the surface, but had no idea how to find it.

What was your biggest challenge during the Journey? What the greatest inspiration?

Staying truly open to any and all information/wisdom/practices that Sven suggested was not always easy as he challenged my ways of perceiving reality and myself. Yet being courageous and exploring deep within I found something beautiful – The Star of Abundance – my potential.

I was opening to so many more aspects of consciousness than I was previously aware of. I knew when I studied engineering in university, and my friends were studying religion and philosophy, that the time (or format) just wasn’t right for me. It all came together with Sven as to why I needed to wait. 😊

Which of Sven’s Qualities essentially supported your process of development and enabled Transformation, Self-Knowing, Presence and Realization?

The sensing work he does behind the scenes – you don’t see it, but you know it’s there, and it comes through in amazing ways. Sven can really see/feel though you in an incredibly supportive way.

The wealth of inspiring and life changing information – culled down to whatever is essential and most appropriate for your next step in learning. The material Sven introduces me to would have taken me years to research, digest and curate for myself. Working with Sven is like wisdom on steroids – having the perfect guide.

I learned that “transcend and include” is the way to grow rather than suppression or choosing one way over the other – and I moved from duality to unity and integration. Also understanding – and learning to appreciate and love my limited inner part – the Meticulous assistant. 😊

What did you learn about Leadership and mature Capacity? And how do you move on?

I had a suspicion that “holding space” was important in my next step – but I had no idea what that meant. Learning about frequency, presence and quality have been key to opening my awareness to unknown, but very real, aspects of reality.

My next field of exploration is about the integration of male and female energy and wakeful awareness of the unconscious and subconscious – especially archetypes, dynamics that inform and direct our lives.
Bringing this work and the true gift of presence and awareness into my team and company.

Why do you recommend working with Sven?

His knowledge, experience and access to universal energy and wisdom is well beyond anyone else I’ve met – let alone any executive coach.