Hendrik Heine – Managing Director thjnk Berlin

"Leadership begins above all within myself - just as, in the end, everything starts with ourselves, lies within us."

I met Sven on my ongoing Journey and search for the essential: My Identity. During our first conversation I sensed his ability to really go into depth, far away from postcard wisdom and the repeating of methods.

I have already thought about life a few times, a few “truths” I thought I had already understood, I thought I had gained some insights. The mind builds up an interesting concept about reality, almost a rigid armor – as a consequence it is not easy to get to the core of things. So the challenge was: to let go, to learn to listen, to clear the perception about my true nature.

In this process I realized that it is about the “real”, about the pure, universal Truth. Everything else is only a reprocessing of that Truth and decorative accessory.

What is Sven's essential quality?

He is an excellent observer and reads the deeper meaning behind the apparent. He has an extraordinary mental precision, a determination in his statements. Also – when it was appropriate – an authentic straightforwardness and clarity in the sense of the process.

Sven has the ability to think in the dimensions of the universe and at the same time to draw very tangible conclusions that could always be applied directly in my everyday life.

I believe: Sven is really exceptionally trained – but above all he has abilities that I would call gifts that cannot be learned.

What has changed in your life as a result of working with Sven?

I have gained a much clearer access to myself. I can perceive myself more intuitively and draw conclusions out of this refined inner connection. In fact, I have been able to solve fundamental questions and that had released a lot of stuck energy. Leadership begins above all within myself – just as, in the end, everything starts with ourselves, lies within us. That is the source of our full potential.

Why do you recommend starting the development process with Sven and working together?

Sven masters a wide range of methods and quickly gains profound insight into what the individual process and learning journey of the individual is all about. He is very clear, precise, forthright, demanding in the right way, he opens up and creates spaces where really incredible transformation happens in very short time. Oh yes, and Sven is also very nice and amusing.