Yes, your decision do have Impact!

There is one essential thing that life has taught me: Our clear intention determines the direction and quality of our experiences.

When we work together, I expect full commitment to your process. I expect you to reveal yourself, to be courageous and vulnerable and to bring in everything you are. We are not playing games. We approach ourselves and the process with the upmost sincerity.

After all it is about you and your Life. Honesty, respect, humour, sensitivity and depth will characterize our encounters. A safe space in which authentic contact takes place is our foundation. From here everything can happen that will happen to allow yourself to go your own unique path with a great big, wide-awake heart and a clear, bright mind.


Our connection is essential for the process and our work together and I only work with a selected few. Our authentic and honest working relationship is key for inner transformation to take place.

Let's meet and find out if we want to work together in reaching the next stage in your Personal Evolution.