Dania al Sibai - Integral Facilitator & Presencing Guide

"Be. Trust. Listen. Follow. There is so much beauty in life. In every single moment."

For a long time I had the feeling that there was more deep within me than I realize. Something profound, something great. I longed for a radical transformation, even if it would be unpleasant.

So I looked for guidance to get to know myself and my true, genuine core. Discovering, unlocking my highest potential. Including all the unconscious shadow sides that stand in the way. I was looking for a smart, clear, wise and spiritual mirror …

What has been your biggest challenge during your evolutionary journey?

Letting go the idea of “this is who I am”. Bearing the intensive recognition of some very unconscious parts. Accepting the Greatness that wants to be expressed through me.

Which of Sven's qualities have been crucial in supporting you and empowering your process of self-discovery and self-transformation?

This incredible ability to make hidden and unseen aspects describable and visible, whether they are potentials or shady sides. Sven can give words to things that I can only guess and sense very slightly, if at all.

What have you learned about your leadership and your capacity to live life consciously and with presence?

Be present and let life guide you. Leadership in general: Speak out your own truth, and inspire people with who you truly are.

Why do you recommend going into the development process with Sven and working together?

If you really want to see and discover yourself fully, you should go on the journey with Sven.