Sandro Dalla Torre – Founder & CEO KLARHEIT

"Keep going, keep flowing, keep up opening to Life."

My intention for choosing Mentoring and Coaching with Sven was to get ahead with my life and my business. I was looking for ways to grow and to go beyond my current limitations. There had been unconscious patterns, that I had been cultivating for so long and I was ready to face myself. I wanted to see these patterns, transcend them and let go of a lot of entanglement and stories.

Which of Sven’s Qualities essentially supported your process of development and enabled Transformation, Alignment, Presence and Realization?

His clarity of vision, love, presence, and his strong support to lift you out of betraying yourself. He enables and empowers to make a strong shift into higher consciousness and the light of inner wisdom.

In this space I was able to unlock many of my gifts, especially getting more clear about what is really going on for me: Life dictates, not I. I am just a facilitator of the unfoldment and natural evolution of Humanity and of Spirit.

I learned to be awake, aware and alert. Raising my level of consciousness and get a clear impression about who I am, what is going on and how I am co-creator of my experiences. I learned to recognize and appreciate the impact that my level of awareness and presence truly has on the things I manifest and express in life. The question is: What can I give?

How will you move on?

Keep going, keep flowing, keep up opening to Life. The next edge is to fully engage and align with Reality as it is and allow to be an excellent expression of my Self.

Why do you recommend working with Sven?

Sven is awesome 🙂 A great mentor, friend and a loving human being who puts you in touch with your own individual Core and with the vastness of Divinity.