Angela Zinser - Spiritual Entrepreneur and Founder of The People Network

"Raise your level of consciousness and your life will align itself."

My intention for starting a coaching process with Sven was to raise my level of consciousness by looking at my blind spots to be able to live and lead in a more conscious way with more joy, ease and flow.

I was aware that reaching my full potential included becoming aware and transcending my own shadows, but I also felt that I needed someone who can hold this space for me and support me in facing what was coming up for me.

When I was asking myself who could support me in this process it was clear that I would turn to Sven. He has this capacity of scanning your field of awareness and finding everything that is not aligned with your true self and that holds you back from reaching a higher state of consciousness. Through his clear vision and capacity to include all aspects of human being I could see traits and patterns of myself that were hidden for me before. Sven was holding this space in a kind and caring way offering intuitive metaphors to support me being aware of both my shadow and the light that lies within.

What has changed in your life as a result of working with Sven?

My biggest breakthrough was when I observed myself for the first time operating in this light and realizing that the unhealthy patterns were not there anymore. I then realized that I had chosen love over fear and that love is the ultimate essence guiding my life.

Today I feel blessed and thankful for this transformative journey having realized that I only need to be open to let life unfold through me and follow it – with presence, trust and love.